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Stamp Duty

Navigating Stamp Duty with Confidence. Expert Advice, Optimal Savings

The rules on Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) have changed significantly in recent years. With SDLT rates reaching as high as 17% in England and Northern Ireland, unexpected charges can prove costly, making professional advice crucial, even for seemingly straightforward property and land purchase transactions.

How can we help?

Our dedicated team of SDLT experts are here to provide accurate assessments of SDLT implications for specific transactions and help identify opportunities to minimise your exposure to this tax.

  • Accurate SDLT Assessment:

    With our in-depth knowledge of SDLT regulations, we analyze your transactions meticulously to determine the exact SDLT liability. Our experts consider all relevant factors, such as property value, exemptions, reliefs, and applicable rates, ensuring a precise assessment of the tax due.

  • Reduction of SDLT Exposure

    Our team is committed to identifying opportunities for reducing your SDLT liability. By exploring available reliefs, exemptions, and planning strategies, we work to optimize your SDLT position. We provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your specific circumstances, helping you make informed decisions to minimize SDLT charges.

  • Second Opinion and Reclaim Assistance:

    If you suspect that you have paid excessive SDLT, our experts can offer a second opinion to assess the situation. We review your SDLT calculations and documentation to determine if any overpayment has occurred. If applicable, we assist you in the reclaim process, helping you recover any excess SDLT paid.

    Avoid unnecessary SDLT charges and gain clarity on your SDLT obligations. Our team of SDLT experts are ready to assist you with accurate assessments, reduction strategies, and second opinion services.

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