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Cross Border Taxes

Navigating Boundaries, Maximising Opportunities: Expert Cross-Border Tax Solutions

Located in close proximity to the N. Ireland and the Republic of Ireland border, Abac specialise in providing expert tax services for clients operating in both jurisdictions. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in both UK and Irish tax systems, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate the complexities of cross-border taxation.

  • Business owners who operate in Ireland and/or the UK

    We specialise in assisting business owners who operate in both Ireland and the UK. Our advisors can help you structure your business operations efficiently, minimize tax liabilities, and ensure compliance with the tax regulations of both jurisdictions.

  • Construction workers working in the UK and/or Ireland

    Whether you are a subcontractor or a contractor, our team will review your situation and assist you with reclaiming any overpaid taxes.

    We understand the complexities contractors face with operating CIS and RCT tax deductions schemes. At Abac we can handle everything for you, allowing you to say goodbye to this stress and focus on what you do best – running your contracting business successfully.

  • Companies operating in multiple jurisdictions

    We provide guidance on the most suitable entity structure for your cross-border operations.

    Once your entity structure is established, we can take care of the statutory reporting requirements in both jurisdictions.

  • Transborder workers

    If you are an employee who lives in Ireland or Northern Ireland and frequently crosses the border for work purposes, we can provide tailored advice to ensure compliance, minimise tax burdens and ensure you are claiming all benefits to which you are entitled.

  • Selling or gifting UK or Irish property or assets

    We can give support and advice regarding any concerns you many have about the tax implications of gifting or selling Irish or UK assets.

  • Estate planning

    Whether you live in the UK or Ireland, our team can assist you in creating an effective estate plan that considers both UK and Irish inheritance tax rules, ensuring the smooth transfer of assets and minimising tax burdens for your beneficiaries.

  • Foreign Rental Income

    We offer tax assistance to UK based individuals receiving foreign rental income, whether from Ireland or other countries.

    We also assist Irish based individuals receiving foreign rental income from properties in the UK or other countries.

  • Foreign Income

    Whether you are based in the UK or Ireland, if you are in receipt of foreign income, we can assist you and provide guidance on your tax obligations and compliance.

If you are seeking expert cross-border tax services, look no further. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our specialised knowledge of UK and Irish taxes can benefit you and your business.

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Companies Manager

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Tax and Consultancy Manager

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