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Sole Traders & Partnerships

We do more than just prepare accounts!


Our Accounts department produce Annual Accounts for sole traders and partnerships. This service encompasses those who are vat registered and those seeking a comprehensive Balance Sheet analysis.


We firmly believe that understanding your business on a deep level is paramount. This involves understanding, the environment you operate in, the risks and opportunities you face and your concerns.


You will have access to clear, concise accounts delivered to you swiftly after your financial year end.

Beyond just presenting your financial figures, our services extend to conducting a thorough analysis of your accounts. This enables us to spot trends, address any pressing matters and offer strategic recommendations aimed at improving your results.


With our support, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions and take the necessary actions that will inch you closer to your goals.

We can also provide you with benchmarking information so that you can compare your business with others operating in the same sector.


During your Accounts finalisation meeting we will help you interpret and understand your results fully. We will also take you through the financial trends in your business and tax savings you have made. You will also receive a summary of your prior year figures which will help you see the bigger picture of how well your business is performing.


Our support doesn’t stop at the numbers. We understand that your business goals are intertwined with your personal goals. As such, you will have the chance to review your personal goals for the next few years and assess whether your business results are serving these goals. Our team will propose actionable steps to bridge any gaps,  suggest what you can do to better to align the two and create the life you want.


At every step, we’re committed to your success!

Meet our Accounts Team

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Vicki Johnston

Accounts Manager

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Jessica Alexander


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Donna Kelly

Accounts Technician

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