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What is HMRC’S personal tax account?

HMRC have recently set up a personal tax account which allows you to access your records held by HMRC and manage your tax affairs online, quickly and easy, whenever you want. It brings together all your tax information in one place.

When setting up a personal tax account you will be given a UserID reference number which must be used each time you log in. The personal tax account will work for the self-employed, employed, unemployed and retired individuals. Examples of what your personal tax account can do for you is explained below.

For the self-employed – you can find out your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number, fill in and send self-assessment tax returns. If you are applying for a mortgage, you can view and print your previous year’s self-assessment calculations (known as SA302’s) for the mortgage provider. The personal tax account will also enable you to notify HMRC if you are no longer self-employed and allows you to appeal against late filing penalties.

For the employed – your personal tax account allows you to see an estimate of the income tax you are likely to pay in the current year. It will show you how HMRC have calculated your PAYE tax code. If you think they have made an error in their calculation you can notify HMRC of this through your personal tax account. If you need to claim any employment expenses for example, mileage claim, clothing expenses, medical expenses you can do this through your personal tax account. Your personal tax account will have PAYE details on previous tax years. If they have calculated that you have overpaid or underpaid in these years then they will notify you through the personal tax account. You will be able to make payment or request refund for the amount. However, if you believe they have made an error in their calculation you can make a complaint through the online process.

For everyone, your personal tax account will allow you to check how much of a State Pension you will be entitled to. Your State Pension entitlement is based on the number of years you have paid full National Insurance Contributions. If you have any gaps in your National Insurance Contribution record, your personal tax account will alert you to this. If you have any gaps, you should get them paid up to date as soon as possible so it doesn’t affect your future entitlement to State Pension.

Tax Credits and Child Benefit can be checked and managed through your personal tax account and any changes to your family circumstances can be reported through the account. Marriage Allowance can be transferred between spouses through the personal tax account and it also allows you to update HMRC on a change of address. If you have submitted forms to HMRC in relation to your own personal affairs you can track them through your personal tax account.