Grant Funding

Businesses today can face challenges, in terms of accessing finance, to fund their future plans; often, grant funding, where available, can provide the business with the necessary financial support, not elsewhere available.

Abac can help your business in identifying the necessary and relevant grants available, to run a successful business.

Our Consultancy team has experience in advising clients on numerous successful grant applications, in a variety of sectors, from start-ups to established companies, seeking to expand their operations.

Once a relevant grant opportunity has been identified, we can assist you in meeting the certification requirements, to ensure a successful application.

In summary, our Grant Funding service includes :

  • Identification of potential grant funding opportunities, relevant to your business.
  • Assisting you with all aspects of the application process, with the aim of maximising your chances of a successful grant application.
  • Assisting on and preparing detailed business plans, where necessary.
  • Preparing financial forecasts, where necessary.
  • Preparation of certified reports to the funder.
  • Audit of grant claims.

For further information on Grant Funding, please contact Alison Moore (